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Electric Vehicles

At JC Halliday and Sons, we pride ourselves on moving forward with the latest technology a hand. With this, we've made sure to bring 3 brands that best represent this to the North West, Citroen, Vauxhall and Hyundai. These 3 brands have a premium selection of Electric Vehicles, offering various benefits.

Benefits of EV

Switching to EV can be a big change for first-timers, however most of our customers have found the transition seamless and pleasant. Electric Vehicles offer powerful acceleration, simple controls and improved traction amongst other features. Some of the main benefits of Electric include:

  • Significantly reduced fuel costs.
  • On average, it costs less than £1.30 per 100 miles in an electric vehicle.
  • Cheaper service and maintenance, with £0 Tax on all EVs.
  • Lower emissions make electric vehicles a lot friendlier to the environment.
  • More responsive acceleration and regenerative braking.
  • Some government schemes are applicable with EVs.
  • Charge your EV at home with a wide variety of charging points available.

View the nearest charging points near you here: Map of electric charging points for electric cars UK: Zap-Map


Charging your Electric Vehicle can be done at home, at work or on a journey, with various solutions available to charge your new EV from JC Halliday and Sons. Each of our brands offer a unique charging experience, with a wall mounted Hyundai home-charging point, a 100% charge can be achieved in just over 6 hours. Citroen EVs can be purchased with 3 charging cables including 2.3kW, 7.4kW and 11kW cables. Vauxhall EVs come with a choice of 3 different wallbox providers, including British Gas, PodPoint and Octopus Energy.